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As of 12/31/23, we have susupended operations and are no longer accepting donations.

Why support our work?

“Knowing what's right doesn't mean much unless you do what's right.” - Theodore Roosevelt

During conflict, we effectively procure and deliver aid at the micro level. We start by saving one person. Then, their family or team. Their neighborhood or squad. Their village or platoon. Eventually, their entire town or battalion.


Together, we will protect and sustain those suffering through conflict to reunite families and rebuild communities when it ends.

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We are The Driven Ones

Effective procurers and deliverers of aid during conflict

We create micro-level distribution networks that ensure efficient responses to time-sensitive requests. 

We have found our organizational structure to be the most effective where existing aid organizations remain tangled in bureaucracy and inefficiency. Instead of waiting to hit an inventory or fundraising goal we act now because those we support cannot wait.  

Like the first drop that creates a waterfall, our aid immediately reaches the hands of those who need it most. Over time, what we deliver will exceed the quantity of pallets and containers.

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The Driven Ones is proud to be a part of the Network for Freedom, and we were honored to be included in an upcoming documentary about them and the incredible work they have done and continue to do.

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How it all began: Mission 01

Days after Russia invaded Ukraine, we decided to act because we believe that wars of aggression have no place in the modern world. Our first mission, Mission 01 ("M01"), was a proof of concept for an emergency relief organization designed around the continual delivery of aid at the micro-level. As such, we published our stated goals, which were:​

  • Deliver tactical and medical supplies ("tactical PPE") directly to Ukrainian defense and medical personnel 

  • Procure critical humanitarian goods and for groups assisting Ukrainian refugees 

  • Establish reliable resupply and distribution conduits

Our initial payload consisted of 100 Combat Application Tourniquets donated by our co-founders, used tactical PPE donated by friends including some who served in the US military, and essential items donated by friends in Spain. Together, these supplies filled a van to its limit, which on March 23rd departed for a drive across Europe to deliver everything to our partners at the Romanian-Ukrainian border on March 25th.

The supplies were delivered on time on time, and on March 29th, we declared that we not only completed our first two objectives, but also commenced ongoing resupply and distribution efforts.

About: About Us

When we didn't know how to start, we launched a campaign on KoFi quickly and easily

Once we began operations, we found a place more suitable to spread the word.

Now that we're a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we finally found our home.

Our mission

Effective procurement and delivery of aid during conflict by creating a micro-level distribution network to ensure an efficient response to time-sensitive requests.

Today, we have built a network proven to deliver vital supplies across Ukraine, as well as support those displaced within Ukraine or who seek refugee across Europe. We want to continue what we started, and with your help we will!

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