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Humanitarian Aid

To Ukraine 
With Love, 

The Driven.

  • Receive donated supplies and purchase items as needed

  • Match inventory with requests and the changing needs of those we serve

  • Prepare shipments for immediate delivery to Ukraine

  • Confirm successful delivery with intended recipients

We receive donations and source supplies from all over Europe - most notably Germany, Spain, and the UK as well as substantial monetary donations from the US. 

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Aid delivered to City of Goodness

One of our regular deliveries to City of Goodness, a Ukrainian shelter for victims of domestic abuse as well as an orphanage.

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Where our aid goes

View photos, videos and links related to those we've supplied to those displaced by the war, or to those defending Ukraine against a foreign invader. Click a truck icon to see what was loaded and where it's going, or click a pair of hands around a heart icon or gift box icon to see a package at its final destination.

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Boston welcomes refugees

Through our Boston Ukrainian Action Committee, Ukrainians who fled the conflict and arrived in the Boston area can get access to resources, assistance to navigate systems, and community support to thrive in the Boston area.

Housing | Medical | Transportation


Internal refugee assistance

In collaboration with our friends at Network for Freedom, we help Ukrainian refugees find housing, transportation and medical treatments throughout Europe and beyond.

Housing | Medical | Transportation

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Ukrainians arrive in Dresden

Refugees arrive in Dresden, Germany thanks to a Network for Freedom bus.

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