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We work with effective operators. 

Whether your organization is formal or informal, if you demonstrate an ability to execute then we want to support you.

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We work with other organizations we deem effective operators. Please note that private, informal groups we work with are not listed to maintain OpSec.


City of Goodness

A shelter for victims of domestic abuse, orphans that has received, fed and housed nearly 3x its normal capacity since the state of the war. As of 4/24 there were 65 orphans under the age of 4 years old.



A Ukrainian-based NGO that has been providing aid to the military since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. Their mission is “To provide assistance in the epicentre of hell," according to
Zhanna Korol, volunteer for the NGO Dobrotvorets and NGO Volunteer Movement of Bukovina (Source: UN)



VSZU formed immediately after the Russian invasion began on February 24, 2022 to distribute aid throughout areas affected by the war. It is a division of the The Volunteer Headquarters for the Defense of Ukraine Bukovynska Hromada, which was established in 2014 in response to Russian aggression in the east.


Tymur Rudov Charitable Foundation

Founded by a refugee from Mariupol, they source and deliver medicine, humanitarian aid and tactical PPE to those displaced from the conflict as well as military and territorial defense personnel.


Network 4 Freedom

Created by Andreas & Irina, refugees themselves who fled Chernivtsi with their son Adam at the start of the war. From Suceava, Romania, they rallied friends in Andreas' hometown of Dresden Germany to send over 200 tons of essential goods and chartered more than 30 buses to transport Ukrainian refugees to safety.

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 9.54.18 AM.png

Established on March 7, 2022 MTÜ Slava Ukraini is a citizens’ initiative launched with the support of Estonian Rotary clubs. It focuses on medical supplies, first aid equipment, humanitarian aid, transport and stabilization equipment for the wounded, medical equipment, and tactical medical training in Ukraine. They have also delivered 57 ambulances to help evacuate and treat the wounded. 

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